Experience All the Ways to Unwind at
Margaritaville Island Reserve Riviera Cancun

St. Somewhere Spa, by Karisma

Welcome to St. Somewhere Spa by Karisma, featuring 8,000 square feet of rest and relaxation, including an exclusive Couples Suite and Bridal Suite, an expansive hydrotherapy area, and a full-service beauty salon. Facilities include an herbal steam room, dry sauna and chromotherapy shower. Dedicated to overall wellbeing, St. Somewhere Spa presents tropical-inspired offerings designed to awaken the senses, strengthen circulation, soothe nerves, improve digestion and balance metabolism.  Our spa treatments and skincare products feature aromatic elements designed to pamper and exceed all your expectations of a spa paradise.


This is a sensory journey for your body during which you will transition through different experiences of water, alternating hot and cold phases, followed by refreshments.

Prepare your body and relax your mind throughout our guided hydrotherapy routine which awakens all senses.

Seaside Suds

Luxe Lather Treatment

Immerse yourself in a truly bubbly experience that begins with a whipped shea butter and sugar polish.  Next, a frothy bubbling oasis covers every inch, and you'll bask in a super hydrating active relief foam that moisturizes parched skin.  A coconut, lime and rum infused massage completes this experience.

Banana Berry Breeze

Rejuvenating Facial Cocktail

Reverse the signs of aging with this antioxidant rich facial blended just for you.  You'll feel a cool splash of our berry infused tonic as it drenches your skin in antioxidants throughout your treatment.  A strawberry buffing mask reveals a more youthful complexion, followed by a rich banana mask that will instantly firm and revitalize.  One more splash of our berry tonic and a botanical milk massage finishes this facial experience.

Mango Passionfruit Cocktail

Hand & Foot Treatment

Dip yourself into an irresistible passionfruit and cocnut oil bath just before you are treated to a citrus infused sea salt scrub that's sure to buff all your worries away.  A honey and cocnut milk mask will refine and hydrate your skin.  To complete this cocktail, an intoxicating whipped mango and melon massage.

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