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CHIC, BOUTIQUE CITY HOTEL in the heart of Cartagena

Feed your sense of wanderlust and escape from the mundane to the boutique Allure Chocolat, located in the heart of Cartagena. This uniquely envisioned property suits the busy lifestyle of the adventurous, modern traveler seeking ultimate extravagance. In true Karisma Hotels & Resorts fashion, Allure Chocolat is utterly sophisticated, dedicated to flawless service and of impeccable standard.

Discover the Art of Adventure

Allure Chocolat

Cartagena  |  Location
Experience Allure Chocolat, the home of rich delights

Located in the famous Getsemani Neighborhood, Allure Chocolate has a prime location for discovering Cartagena’s world famous attractions.

  • 71 Suites
  • 1 Restaurant
  • 1 Bar
  • 1 Pool

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